Privacy Policy

Medzoid Technologies Private Limited is the publisher and author of its internet resource (“Website”) on world wide web, where as the applications and software are provided by Medzoid, but is not including or limited to the mobile application ‘Medzoid’.The applications and software falling under the brand name Medzoid, refer to the services provided.

This respective policy explains how Medzoid collects, shares, discloses, uses and protect personal information of the users who use the services, including Practitioners (as described in Terms of Use, where as for the End-Users (is also defined in Terms of Use), and for the visitors of the Website (severally and jointly refer to as “Users” or “you” in the respective Privacy Policy). We there by have created this Privacy Policy as to demonstrate Medzoid’s commitment to protect our privacy and the users personal details. Your access and use of the Services are subjected to below mentioned Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy. Any maximized terms used but not defined in this Policy will have its meaning attributed in our Terms of Use.



1. Why this Privacy Policy?

This Privacy Policy has been issued in compliance with, the inter alia:

  • Under Act, 2000 Section 43A of Information Technology;

  • Under Rules, 2011 (the “SPI Rules”) Regulation 4 - Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Senitive Personal Information) ;

  • Under Rules, 2011 Regulation 3(1) of Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines).

The Privacy Policy states as follows:

  • The information collected from Users, will be including Personal details (as defined in the below paragraph 2) and Sensitive Information or Personal Data (as described the below in paragraph 2) relating to an entity or individual;

  • The means,purpose and modes of gathering, usage, retention, processing and destructing of such detail or information; and

  • To whom and how Medzoid will be disclosing such information.

2. Collection of such Personal Information

Generally some Services are required by us to know who are you so that Medzoid can meet your needs to the best. When the users access the Services, or through an interaction with Medzoid via telephone calls, emails or other correspondence, more over we may ask the users to voluntarily provide Medzoid with certain personal details or information that will identify you or can be used for personally identifying you. You thereby consent to the collection of such data by Medzoid. Without determining generality of the above, data collected by Medzoid from the users may include the following:

  • contact details (such as email address and your phone number);

  • demographic details (such as your date of birth, gender and pin code);

  • data regarding the users usage of services and the history of appointment made with or by you through the usage of Services;

  • insurance details (data of the users insurance plan and insurance carrier);

  • other data or information that the users voluntarily choose to give us (information shared by the users with us such as through emails or letters.

Medzoid there by will be free to collect,use and disclose such data that will be freely available on public domain without your agreement.

3- Privacy Statement


This section is applicable to all users.

  • 3.1.1 Accordingly, condition of each User to use and access Medzoid’s Services is the acceptance towards the Terms of Use, which also involve the acceptance of the terms of our Privacy Policy. Any individual or User who does not agree with any of the provisions has all option to immediately discontinue the Services provided by Medzoid.

  • 3.1.2 An indicative data of information that Medzoid may require the users to provide enabling your use towards our Services are provided in the annexed Schedule to this Privacy Policy.

  • 3.1.3 All the information that will be provided to Medzoid by any User, including Personal details or any Sensitive Personal information or data, is voluntary. The users understand that Medzoid may use some of your provided information, which has been planed or regarded as Personal details or ‘Sensitive Personal information or data’ under SPI Rules, (a) to serve the purpose of providing the users Services, (b) for commercial use and under non-personally or an aggregated identifiable form of research, business intelligence or statistical analysis purposes, (c) for transfer or sale of such researches, intelligence or statistical data in non-personally or an aggregated identifiable data to the third parties and affiliates (d) for the communication purpose, to provide the users better way of booking appointments and obtaining feedback in relation to Practitioners and their respective practice, (e) debugging consumer support related matter.. (f) purpose of contacting the users to complete transaction if they do not complete it after providing Medzoid with their contact details in the course of concluding such steps that have been designed for ending up of the transaction. Medzoid also reserves all rights to use the information provided about or by End-User in the following cases:

    • To showcase such information on the Website.

    • To contact End-Users for offering new services or products.

    • To contact End-Users for taking their feedback on product and Service.

    • For analyzing software patterns to improve product utility and design.

    • For analyzing anonymized exercise information for trading use.

If the users have voluntarily provided their Personal Information to Medzoid for any purposes mentioned above, you hereby agree to such collection and utilization of such information by Medzoid. However, Medzoid shall not contact its users on the telephone number(s) for any such purpose including those disclosed in this sub-section 4.1(iii) , if any such contact number is registered with Do Not Call registry (“DNC Registry”) under PDPA without the users express, clear and comprehensible written consent.

  • 3.1.4 Collection, disclosure and use of any information which has been nominated as Personal data or Sensitive Personal details or Information’ under the SPI Rules requires the users express consent. By affirming the users assent to this Privacy Policy, they provide their consent to use, disclosure and collection the required data under applicable law.

  • 3.1.5 Medzoid does not endorse or control the content, information or messages found through any Services and, therefore, Medzoid specifically deny any liability with regard to its Services and the actions resulting from the users participation of any Services, and the users agree that they can waive any claims against Medzoid relating to the same, and to extent such waiver may be unproductive, the users agree to let go any claims against Medzoid related to the same.

  • 3.1.6 The users are responsible for maintaining the precision of the information the users will submit to us, such as their contact details provided as part of the account registration. If their personal information changes, they may delete, correct, inaccuracies, or amend any such information by making required changes on Medzoid’s member information page or can also contacting us through Medzoid will make good faith attempts to make requested changes in our active databases as soon as reasonably possible. If the users provide any information that is inaccurate, untrue out of date or incomplete (or becomes untrue, incomplete or inaccurate out of date ), or Medzoid has reasonable grounds to doubt that the information provided by the users is untrue, incomplete or inaccurate out of date, Medzoid may, at its sole circumspection, discontinue the provision of its Services to the users. There may be circumstances where Medzoid will not correct, delete or update the users Personal Data, including (a) where the Personal Data is a feedback or opinion data that is to be kept solely for evaluation purpose; and (b) where Personal Data is a documents related to accomplishment if all proceedings relating to the pursuit have not been completed.

  • 3.1.7 If the users wish to cancel their account or request that Medzoid no longer uses their information to provide them Services, then contact us through . We will retain the users information as long as their account with the Services is active and needed to render the users the Services. Medzoid shall not retain any such information for longer than it is required to serve the purposes where the information may lawfully be required or is otherwise used under any other law of the time being in force. After a period of time, their data may be aggregated and anonymized, and then it may be held by Medzoid as long as necessary for us to provide the Services effectively, but our use of the undisclosed data will be solely for inquiring purposes. Please note that the users withdrawal of consent, or cancellation of their account may result in Medzoid being unable to provide them with the Services or will terminate any existing relationship between Medzoid may have with them.

  • 3.1.8 If the users wish to opt-out of receiving non-essential conversation such as marketing and promotional related information regarding our Services, so send us an email at .

  • 3.1.9 Medzoid may require its Users to pay by a credit card, debit card, wire transfer or cheque for the subscription amount(s) of Services is/are payable. Medzoid will collect any such User’s debit or credit card number or other financial information like bank account numbers and such information will be for the payment processes and billing, including not limited to their disclosure and use of such debit/credit card details and information to the third party as necessary to complete billing operation. Confirmation of credit card information, however, accomplished solely by Users through the verification process. User’s debit/credit card details are transacted on secure platforms for payment approved gateway which are digitally under encryption,providing highest possible degree of custody as per current technology. Moreover, Medzoid provides the users an alternative not to save their payment details. Users are advised, that internet technology is not completely proof safe and Users should exercise wariness on using the same.

  • 3.1.10 Due to the communications standards on the Internet, when a User or the End-User or anyone who visits the Website, Medzoid automatically receives the URL of the site from which anyone visits. Medzoid also receives the Internet Protocol (IP) address of each User’s computer (or the proxy server a User used to access the World Wide Web), User’s computer operating system and type of web browser the User is using, email patterns, as well as the name of User’s ISP. This information is used to analyze overall trends to help Medzoid improve its Service. The linkage between User’s IP address and User’s personally identifiable information is not shared with or disclosed to third parties. Notwithstanding the above, Medzoid may share and/or disclose some of the aggregate findings (not the specific data) in anonymized form (i.e, non-personally identifiable) with advertisers, investors, sponsors, strategic partners, and others to help grow its business.

  • 3.1.11 The Medzoid Website uses provisional cookies to store certain (that is not sensitive personal information or data) that is used by Medzoid and the service providers for technical administration of our Website, development and research, and for the User administration. In course of serving optimizing services or advertisements to its Users, Medzoid may allow the authorized third parties to recognize or place a unique cookie on the User’s browser. The cookies however, do not store any Personal data of the Users. The users may adjust their internet browser to disable cookies. If cookies are disabled the users may still use the Website, but the Website may be limited in the use of some of the features.

  • 3.1.12 The Users may be restricted access to the Medzoid Website if they do not making an account on our Website. Unregistered Users can make appointment with listed doctors by providing Medzoid details like name and contact number. But to have a full access to all the features and provided benefits on our Website, the User’s must create their account on Medzoid’s Website. To create this account, a User needs to provide the following details, where allowing others, including Medzoid, to recognize their: User ID, name, email address, ZIP/postal code, country, age, contact details, password selected by the User and their valid financial account’s details. Other information that will be requested on the registration page, may include ability to receive promotional offers from Medzoid, which is an optional. May be in future Medzoid include other request of optional for information from its User to assist Medzoid to customize its Website and to deliver personalized information to its User.

  • 3.1.13 This Privacy Policy is applicable for the Services that are operated and owned by Medzoid. Medzoid does not keep any control over the display of its websites as a results of the search or links derived from its Services. The other sites may have their own files or cookies on the Users’ system, solicit personal or collected data or information from the system of the Users, for which Medzoid will not be liable or responsible for. Accordingly, Medzoid does not take any portrayal concerning the privacy policies of any such third party websites, also Medzoid does guarantee the integrity, accuracy, or quality of data, information, software, , text, sound, graphics, photographs, messages, videos or any other materials available on any such websites.

  • 3.1.14 The Website may enable Medzoid’s Users to transmit with the other Users or to pole information that can be accessed by others, whereas other Users may also collect such data. Users like administrators or moderators that are not authorized Medzoid’s agents or representatives where in their statements or opinions or statements do not reflect those of Medzoid, and are not authorized to up hold Medzoid under any contract. Hereby Medzoid disclaims any liability of such information that will be made available by visitors or Users in any such a manner.

  • 3.1.15 Any visitors information on Medzoid’s website is not collected from any other sources like public or private bodies, organizations, records. They are not used for the registration of Users (the use, collection, storage and revelation for which each End User must accept it under the Terms of Use to effectively render the Services provided by Medzoid).

  • 3.1.16 Medzoid has a "No-Spam" policy, which strict means that Medzoid does not share, sell, rent or otherwise disclose the users’ e-mail ID to any third party without their consent.

  • 3.1.17 Medzoid has made use of the best international market security and practices policies, technical measures and rules to protect the personal information of its users to control from the access of unauthorised users, disclosure or improper use , unlawful destruction and unauthorised modification or accidental loss. However, if any data is lost or stolen due to unauthorized access to any electronic devices of the user and event then if the User avails the Services, Medzoid will not be responsible for any loss incurred by the User.

  • 3.1.18 Medzoid reasonably secures procedures and practices, and has a all-inclusive documented data base security information and program to secure the policies that include technical, managerial, physical and operational security control tools that are comparable with respect to all the users data/ information being collected and Medzoid’s nature of business.

  • 3.1.19 Medzoid takes the users right of privacy very seriously and as specifically mentioned in this Privacy Policy, will only disclose the users Personal data/Information in the action it is required to obey by law, regulation, rule, governmental official, law enforcement agency, legal authority or any such similar requirements or when Medzoid, in its sole foresight, deems it necessary in order to conserve its rights to prevent any fraud or credit risk, or to apply the Terms of Use.


This section applies to End-Users.

    • 3.2.1 As a part of the application submission and creation process available to End-Users on Medzoid’s Website, certain data, including Personal details or Sensitive Personal information will be collected from End-Users.

    • 3.2.2 All the proclamation of this Privacy Policy are applicable to all End-Users,and therefore are required to be read and understood. The privacy statements set there by prior to the submission of any Personal or Sensitive Data or Information to Medzoid, if failing which require to leave Medzoid immediately.

    • 3.2.3 If the users have negligently submitted any such information to Medzoid prior to reading the privacy proclamation set out herein, and the users do not agree with the manner in which such data is collected, stored, used, processed or disclosed, then the users may modify, access, and delete any such information by using opportunity provided on the Website. In addition, the users can, by send an email to, to inquire whether Medzoid is in custody of their personal details, and can ask Medzoid to destroy or delete all such information.

    • 3.2.4 The End-Users will be communicated by Medzoid through phone,email and notices posted on its respective Website or through any other mean available through the service, including text messaging or other forms of communication. The End-Users can change e-mail , contact details, etc at at any time by logging into their "Account" at and changing their account settings.

    • 3.2.5 Medzoid may keep data base of telephone or electronic communications, received and made for any purpose like making appointments, administration of Services, customer care, development research and for better listing of the Practitioners.

    • 3.2.6 Medzoid may also transfer or disclose End-Users’ information, data or personal details to other providers by any User, to a third party for reorganization or for a sale of the assets of Medzoid. In case Medzoid decides to sell its assets then that third party will have all rights to use the personal data.

    • 3.2.7 If necessary to provide the End-Users with our Services, Medzoid may provide the users Personal details to third party uses working on behalf of Medzoid to provide End-Users with such Services, to assist Medzoid to communicate with End-Users or to preserve the Website.

4- Confidentiality and Security

  • 4.1 The users Personal data/ Information is maintained by Medzoid in an electronic form on its system, and on the system of its employees. Such information or data may also be converted to a physical form at any time or from time to time. Medzoid takes all required precautions to safe guard the users personal data/ information both off-line and online, while implementing reasonable security measures and practices including certain technical, managerial, operational or any physical security measures or control that are comparable with respect to the information being gathered and the nature of Medzoid’s business.

  • 4.2 No administrator at Medzoid will know your password. It is important for the users to protect against any illegal access to the users password, the users computer and the users contact details. Medzoid requests its users to log out from the Website once finished. Medzoid does not take any accountability for any unauthorised use of the users password or account. In case of any unauthorized use of the users account then they must immediately notify Medzoid by reporting it on our email to The users shall be liable to compensate Medzoid due to any loss suffered cause of any such unauthorized use of the users account and password.

  • 4.3 Medzoid makes the information of all its agents, third parties, employees or partners only if required based on only important basis and binds employees to strict hidden obligations.

  • 4.4 A Part of the services of Medzoid are assisting to the doctors to organise and maintain such data/information. Medzoid, therefore, submit and retain all such data/records to the applicable authorities, or to doctors who ask for an access to such information.

  • 4.5 Part of the activities carried by Medzoid are managed by patients so as they are able to get to the information related to them. Medzoid may, therefore, submit and retain all such personal details and records to relevant patients, or to doctors.

  • 4.6 With standing the above policies, Medzoid is not answerable for the privacy, security or circulation of the users Personal data/Information by the partners and third party users. Further more, Medzoid will not be answerable for any breach in the security of the information in regards to any third party.

5. Changes to Privacy Policy

Medzoid can update its Privacy Policy at any time, without any advance notice. In any event if there are significant adjustment in Medzoid’s policies then we will treats our User’s personally data or information, or in the Policy itself, Medzoid will be showcasing a notice on the Website or will be sending its Users an email, to provided to review the changed that have been made in order to continue using our services. As always, if the users have any objection they can contact us on

6. Children’s Policy

Medzoid strongly advises all the guardians and parents to supervise their children’s online activities and use parental control tools that are available from different online software and services to manufacturers and help provide a child-friendly environment. These tools will also prevent minors from disclosing address, name and other personal details or information without their patents or guardians permission. Although the Medzoid Services and Website are not intended to be used by minors, Medzoid respects the privacy towards minors who may accidentally may use the internet or mobile application.

7. Consent to Policy

The users need to acknowledge this Privacy Policy as it is a part of the Terms of Use of Medzoid’s Website and its Services, and the users completely agree that becoming Medzoid’s User of its Services on its Website signifies their (i) assent towards this Privacy Policy, and (ii) giving consent to Medzoid for using, collecting, disclosing and/or processing the users Personal details for the purposes to set out in the Privacy Policy. Their visit to our Website and rendering Services are the Terms of Use and subject to this Privacy Policy.

8. Active Advertising ID Collection

All the personal information that will be collected from the users by Medzoid for giving them the services will be used for internal advertising. The personal details of the users that are collected will not be disclosed or shared to any third-party. Medzoid will make sure that all the personal details of the users are secured. Their visit to our Website and rendering Services are the Terms of Use and subject to this Privacy Policy.

9. Privacy Data Collection

To render the services to the users Medzoid will will collecting the users personal details or information like Name, Mobile, Email, Address, Current Location, Date of Birth, Professional, Certificate, Professional Details, Blood Group. All the above personal details will be securely used by Medzoid to give its users the required services and the users details will not be spam ed.

10. Health Service Policy

  • 10.1 What ever information or personal data that Medzoid takes from its users like name, health records, contact details etc will not be disclosed to any third party users without the users own knowledge. Moreover all the information regarding the health care providers like hospitals, clinics Medzoid will provide to all the users will be accurate. Medzoid follows a “no spam” policy, making it sure that the health related information provided to the users are correct.

  • 10.2. Medzoid is a platform through which services are rendered to the users like appointment with doctor, prescribe medications, health care providers. Medzoid does not give direct services to the users.

11. Refund Policy

While making payments for the services available with Medzoid, the users will be making their payment through third party payment gateways. In case while making the payment the process is hampered then Medzoid will not be responsible for the error cause in the payment. It will fall under the responsible of the gateway through which the payment is being made.

12. Payment Policy

  • 12.1 Some of the Service provided by Medzoid may vary from time to time. Medzoid will make it sure to inform about it and the applicable charges to its users. These charges will be applicable when a user will be rendering payed services while understanding the required terms and conditions. As for the convenience to the users, Medzoid will also collect payment due to pharmacies, medical practitioners and diagnostic centres for the services provided to the users or while booking them. Medzoid also has all rights to change its charges at any point of time, however the charges will not be applicable unless they have been brought into the users notice.

  • 12.2 For payments that need to be made for the services taken by the users, Medzoid uses third party payment gateway. The alter of payments will be accountable to the terms, privacy policies and conditions of the payment gateway, in addition to the above Terms. Medzoid does not control the payment gateways and is not liable for the performance and security of the payment gateway. Medzoid reserve the right to instruct or to correct its payment gateway to rectify, any facing mistakes or errors , even when the payment has been received or requested.

13. Information Collection

  • 13.1 When any user registers with Medzoid to access its Service, they will be required to give us certain personal information or data about their selves. When the users access to use our Services, Medzoid also collect to store certain personal data about the users. According to Medzoid’s Privacy Policy what ever personal information is collected and how it is treated for being protected. When the users access or use our Services, the users agree to the collection and use of their personal information in respect to our Privacy Policy.

  • 13.2 While ordering Medicinal Preparations with Medzoid, the users are required to give their personal details like Name, Phone Number, Address etc. as well as the information of third party Medicine Prescription for online pharmacy so as to proceed the users order. On placing an order with Medzoid, the users authorize the online third party pharmacies to contact the users via Phone/ SMS / Email.

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