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  • Hello, we are Medzoid, a fast growing revolution in the field of Healthcare. We at Medzoid know the importance of good health and to sustain it, it is necessary that proper medical aid is available. Keeping an eagles’ eye, Medzoid came up as a stellar to bridge the gape between health care professionals/ providers and patients while eliminating middle men. This elimination helped to generate a healthy/ reliable relationship between the patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Medzoid is one such platform that empowers its users to be the guide and savior of their own life. It is once such innovation that makes sure that its users get right, precised and budgeted healthcare facilities when required- irrespective of time and place.
  • Medzoid is not just a healthcare service provider but is a personalized service, that channelizes its resources to the required ones. Loaded with many user friendly, customized, easy adaptable and resourceful features like doctor appointments, finding doctors or healthcare providers near by, pharmacies, blood donors, emergency services etc.

Our Story

“There is a story behind every Success”

  • Like every company, Medzoid has conquered success with grave efforts and its focus on the goal. Medzoid has been through and seen many austerity. But before we came into existence Medzoid was just an idea, an idea to assist all those who need proper and right medical care. This company is a creative idea of our CEO that slowly but gradually started to take its shape. It is overwhelming that how an ideal can change the life of many.
  • Medzoid still does not restrain its self but looks forward to improvise its services to conquer over health care nescience.
  • Moreover unlike others, Medzoid is your one stop solution for all healthcare facilities. With lavishing features like booking and tracing online appointments, choosing doctor’s, pharmacies, healthcare providers, diagnostic centers near by according to the geographical location, getting emergency services and blood donors Medzoid is one such company that channelizes its sources in all directions.
  • The company’s CEO who happens to be a Doctor him self glared at the lack of knowledge of people towards medications and healthcare. He wanted a revolution, a changes that stood strong to assist patients and their family members. He observed that how in just a matter of seconds life can take its turn.
  • Analyzing this he and his expect team launched features that where not only of grave help to all but were also fare more different from the other healthcare service providers.
  • What made Medzoid different from others was its simplicity and user friendly app. This app is easy adaptable and is specialized to assist its users according to their convenience.

About Dr. Sunil Kumar

He is a renowned Oncologist in Lucknow. He has remarkable 10 years experience of medical practice in the field of Oncology.

After completion of post-graduation from Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences in 2009, he was associated with various topnotch hospital at Varanasi and Lucknow.

CEO and founder of Medzoid.

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